A different family or group is chosen each year, and submissions are "ever green" - if you are not selected immediately you may be selected next year or beyond.

Please note "family" is loosely interpreted and we are especially inspired by a group of friends who gather each year to celebrate Thanksgiving together.

To nominate your family for consideration you must:

1. send an email to gobble@srr.org with a brief paragraph or two on what the Gobble means to your group
2. be willing to have your name listed on the back of all 2400 plus Gobble shirts
3. be willing to have your story and hopefully a group photo posted on www.srr.org.


2012 The Wolf Family

Our Gobble, Gobble, Gobble story began 8 years ago with three runners, one infant, and one baby on the way, and thus started the Wolf Family Thanksgiving tradition. From there, it grew to nine runners from the family, two weddings, two kids (amazing runners in their own right!), three countries, six marathons, and ~100 pounds shed. But it is so much more than numbers. It has become a family memory that we all look forward to recreating each November. We have lived in Somerville for 13 years, and if we had to describe what we love about living in Somerville, the Gobble is at the top of the list. The last of the Wolf siblings (Caitlin) got married this spring, and one of the wedding toasts was an ode to the night she and her husband (Matt) met and mentioned the Gobble. The story is quite amusing - as they re-met (they originally met in 4th grade!) the night before Thanksgiving (in a bar!), and thus, the night before the Gobble. Caitlin somehow made it to the race the next morning, and Matt somehow convinced Caitlin to marry him a few years later. And here we are - preparing for another fun Thanksgiving that begins with the best road race ever.

Jeanne Wolf


2011 The Wurm Family

Tradition, Family, Fun and Beer

That’s what the Gobble (x3) means to the Wurm Family.  For years my husband and I ran Thanksgiving races.  It wasn’t until we found the Gobble though that it became a tradition for the whole “Wurm Running Club” or WRC (a club we started to get our young kids out running with us that now numbers over 30).  Now the kids are grown and they say they can’t imagine a Thanksgiving without it.  In fact we’re not allowed to go anywhere else for Thanksgiving and miss this race.  Even last year, after my husband died from a long illness, none of us could imagine not running this race.  Not only did we run it but we had a record 15 WRC family members running.  Everyone should get their family and friends and make this race part of their Thanksgiving tradition.  The race is fun, well organized, has classic t-shirts and it just makes the day so much more special.  It also gives you an excuse for that extra beer or slice of pie! 

Kathy Wurm