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UPDATE: (February 2) Hey Gang! It's a snow day and the Patriots have taken home the big enchilada!  And, we have made it to the midway point of the 2015 SRR Grand Prix!  At Race #3, the Super 5 in Cambridge, the Black and Gold came out in force.  SRR was a close 2nd place in the Bustonian Team Competition behind CRC. (We'll have to try to make that up at 26x1). 

Individually, Coach Joe, Jim Normile and Teresa Czepiel all took third place in their age groups.  Deb Downs and Barabara Grandberg each took the silver in theirs. And, Robert Cipriano made his 2015 SRR Grand Prix debut by winning his age group! BAM, welcome back Robert.

27 runners have run all three races – locking up the first level participation prize and qualifying for overall and age group awards.

On the men's side there was no shake-up in the standings.  That Caesar-Pompey-Crassus triumvirate of Chris Antunes, Andy Clifford, and Bradley Harris went 1-2-3 for the club – again.  But don't think it's the fall of the Republic yet.  With three more races, including the New Bedford Half and two challenging 5Ks left, the momentum could shift...

On the women's side, it was much the same old situation.  Deb, Florentien, and Teresa copied the guys by widening their lead on the rest of the crüe with a 1-2-3 finish.  But, girls, girls, girls – remember, Deb will be missing Race #4, New Bedford.  So before you go shouting at the devil, you can regain some points back in the Whaling City.

Also remember if you have that one race that you didn't feel too good about, only your best 5 races will count, so your worse one will drop.

In the links above are the official results for Races #1 & 2 and preliminary results for race #3.  Take a peak, check for youself, loved ones and people I may have missed.  The results will go final on February 10th.

Race #4 -- Mar 15th -- New Bedford Half Marathon

Race #5 -- April 4th -- Shifter's 5K

Any questions, feel free to email me!

SRR Grand Prix Coordinator

The 2014-15 SRR Winter Grand Prix series is a chance to compete with your fellow club members in speed, participation and, of course, bragging rights.

Run at least 5 of the 6 races to receive the five-race prize
Run at least 3 of the 6 races to receive the three-race prize

Volunteering for a race will earn you one point and credit as having run the race.


  • Men & Women will be scored separately
  • Overall Points will be awarded based on participation and place - ex. 50 SRR women participate and you finish first of those 50 women, you get 50 points.
  • Age Group Points will be awarded separately, based on place - ex. 5 Men's 50-59 participate and if you finish first of those Men's 50-59, you get 5 points.
  • Top three overall winners for men and women will be excluded from the age group prizes (i.e. no double dipping)

Top three Male and Female, and 1st place of each age group, receive the competition prizes. You must run at least three races to receive a prize.

Team Competitions:
If the race has a team competition, you cannot be on a team other than "Somerville Road Runners" and receive points toward the Grand Prix for that race.

The Races: 
Thanks to everyone who completed the survey and gave suggestions for possible races. Also thanks to the board for their consultation and final approval of the slate. *(tentative pending the release of the USATF Grand Prix slates)

  • December 14 – Yulefest 5K, Cambridge MA
  • January 18 – Lazy Dog 3 Miler, Lynn MA
  • February 1 – Super Sunday 5 Miler, Cambridge MA
  • March 15 – New Bedford Half Marathon, New Bedford MA
  • April 4 – Shifters 5K, Waltham MA
  • May 10 – MOM's Run 5K, Somerville MA

Any questions, feel free to email me!

SRR Grand Prix Coordinator



  1. December:
    12/14 @ 9:30am - Yulefest 5K, Cambridge MA
    WebsiteOverall race results

  2. January:
    1/18 @ 11am - Lazy Dog 3 Miler, Lynn MA
    WebsiteOverall race results

  3. February:
    2/1 @ 10am - Super Sunday 5 Miler, Cambridge MA
    WebsiteOnline registration

  4. March:
    3/15 @ 11am - New Bedford Half Marathon, New Bedford MA
    WebsiteOnline registration

  5. April:
    4/4 @ 1pm - Shifter's 5K, Waltham MA
    Website Online registration

  6. May:
    5/10 @ 10am - M.O.M.'s Run 5K, Somerville MA
    Website • Registration

Questions? Please e-mail us directly.

Good luck and HAVE FUN!!