Greetings SRR,

Here were are. Another year of epic SRR running and parking lot partying is nearly in the books. In a year highlighted by a Chicago Cubs World Series victory and a Guns ‘n’ Roses tour boasting fewer riots than Donald Trump’s campaign, you might be inclined to wonder if Hell has frozen. Will the madness ever end, you say?


Because it’s nearly time for the Wintah Challenge! Buckle up, kids. If you thought last year’s Festivus-themed run featuring feats of strength and a semi-tropical Nor’Easter was epic, Bachman Turner Overdrive is here to remind you that you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

This year’s run will be based on reality. Reality TV, that is. Seeing as the line between the two may blur a bit on January 20th, I’m grateful to our outstanding race committee for their unwittingly well-timed idea.

When: Sunday, January 8th – 11:00 a.m. (Wicked extreme snow date: Sunday, January 15th)
Where: Casey's - 173 Broadway, East Somerville
Who: Open to club and non-club members.

The Run: Your beloved Thursday night 4.06 mile course. This year, you will be asked to partake in several reality TV skills demonstrations along the course. They will be announced prior to the start of the run so you will not be able to practice in advance. If this is a problem for you, we will be happy to connect you with Allen Iverson for counseling.

Please note that this is a "fun run", and there will be no official traffic control and minimal course support. Please obey all traffic rules and run safely.

To spare our volunteer course support and unpaid timing company from unsightly frostbite, timing operations will cease at 12:00 pm sharp. If you need more time, please don’t let that stop you from coming out. You may start early or finish late as you wish.

COSTUMES: Costumes are HIGHLY encouraged. Prizes for the best REALITY TV character costumes! The options are limitless! I challenge anyone to beat Carrie-Anne's Elaine costume from last year. Come on. Bring it!

Entry Fee: FREE!!!

New Registration Process! To help us expedite and enhance the awards process, please pre-register REGISTER IN ADVANCE. Upon arrival at Casey's we will ask you to check-in at our registration desk to sign the waiver and pick up your number.

Post Race: FREE!!! Enjoy breakfast and a complementary beverage at Casey's. Bring a change of clothes and plan to stay for a while! Silly awards, NFL Division playoff action, and all around good times at Casey's will not disappoint!

Awards: Exciting and random as always!

Volunteers Needed!

If you don't plan to run, but still want to be part of the madness, please volunteer. We'll need twelve people for course support and a sweep or two. Please email Julie Holt at to help out.

We'll see you there!
2017 Wintah Challenge Committee

Winter Challenge Course Records

Division Time Pace Name Date
Women's: 25:09 6:12 Kate Hails 1/6/13
Men's: 22:22 5:30 Alex White 1/8/12

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