February 11, 2008, 7 pm
@ The Burren, Somerville, MA

Please note: Club meetings are open to all members. The next meeting will be the first Monday in February at the Burren.

february meeting the burren back room
  1. liz people will take over the uniform distribution; there will be a transition period from joe o'leary
  2. brendan has take over the newlsetter; all submissions should be emailed to him.
  3. the summer steamer wrap up: club has donated 1200 dollars to respond; respond is a domestic shelter in somerville.
  4. steamer 08; we are in the pub series; we have a beer sponsor and bill bryant is working on the permit.
  5. mike has worked wiht stevie v. on a race template. it is aobut will be sent to the group to see if anyone has any revisions.
  6. don molloy donation: don molloy died tragically in alabama while doing post-katrina charity work. he was a member for many years and was killed in a car accident. his wife gave the club a donation to use as we feel would be appropriate. the board has been discussing the best way to allocate the money, to best honor him. we were considering having an award made up in his name to be given out at the club party everyyear to the person who has done outstanding good deeds.
  7. holiday awards-presidents award went to andrea who has been the volunteer coordinator for the past couple of years.
  8. m-bus-working on bus details for the marathon kahty in charge
  9. marathon hotel-caroline is in charge
  10. k's bday run: pasta party, halloween run, fred's pr challenge, triple or double die, louise's bday and khoury's bday. also polci run has been cancelled and replaced by a donation,
  11. arm: is in good shape..entries are coming in ..paul clarke helping with permit....

notes by Robin Shor
Somerville Road Runners