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It may be snowing. It may be raining. The blood of a Communist revolution may be flowing through the streets. But the Somerville Road Runners will field Grand Prix teams, no matter what!

The USATF New England Grand Prix is a series of seven championship races through a year (generally March through October) ranging from a 5K to a marathon.

Club teams and individual runners score points in each race during the season (10 individual places, and as many places as there are scoring teams). The primary emphasis from year one (now approaching 20) has been on USATF New England club participation, and scoring includes divisions for open, age 40+, and age 50+ teams. Individual scoring is kept in four divisions for both men and women; open, ages 40-49, ages 50-59, ages 60+, and for men ages 70+. Races enjoy increased participation as a result of their championship status.

The series prize money usually emphasizes team over individual money, team money being limited to USATF-NE clubs. Other awards may also be limited to New England competitors.  Additionally, special awards - jackets - go to individual runners who complete all seven of the USATF-NE championship events.

Scoring team runners, Individual scoring runners, and "Ironrunners" must be USATF members. There are no other fees beyond the race entry fees. Many clubs use the series as part of their own internal club grand prix, and they may also subsidize entry fees if they use it as a club "race of the month."

USATF-NE Membership page
Steve Vaitones -- USATF-New England contact

How would you like a free USATF-NE membership? Here's how: Sign up for USATF-NE in 2014 as a Somerville Road Runner (Club #131), run at least five of the seven USATF Grand Prix Races, and we'll pay for your 2015 USATF-NE membership!

USATF-New England Road Racing 2014 Grand Prix Series Schedule

10 Mile Sun, Feb 23 11:00 AM Jones 10 Mile Road Race Amherst MA Results SRR Results
1/2 Marathon Sun, Mar 16 11:00 AM New Bedford Half Marathon New Bedford MA Results SRR Results
5 K Sun Mar 30 9:30 AM An Ras Mor 5k Cambridge MA Results SRR Results
5 Mile Sat, Jun 15 9:15 AM Ribfest 5 Miler Merrimack, NH Results SRR Results
15K Sun, August 31 9:00 AM GMAA Labor Day 15K Burlington VT Results SRR Results
10 K Sun Sep 14 9:00 AM Lone Gull 10k Gloucester MA Results SRR Results
Marathon Sun, Nov 2 8:50 AM City of Manchester Marathon Manchester NH Results SRR Results

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