USATF logoUSATF New England 2016 Grand Prix Race Series

The USATF New England Grand Prix is a series of seven championship races through a year (generally March through October) ranging from a 5K to a marathon.

Scoring team runners, Individual scoring runners, and "Ironrunners" must be USATF members. There are no other fees beyond the race entry fees. Many clubs use the series as part of their own internal club grand prix, and they may also subsidize entry fees if they use it as a club "race of the month."

USATF-NE Membership page
Steve Vaitones -- USATF-New England contact

Benefits to you

  • Free USATF-NE membership: If you run at least five of the seven USATF Grand Prix Races as a USATF member (and with SRR as your member club), SRR will reimburse your USATF membership.
  • Free Entry to Select Races:  Each year the club chooses a few races and pays all entry fees for all club members who are also USATF members.
  • Iron Runner Jackets:  Each Year, USATF awards nice, custom jackets to each USATF member who has run all 7 Grand Prix Races.


The intangible benefits are supporting your club and your teammates.  Running for a team in a race adds a whole new dimension to your racing.  You will be surprised how much tougher you can be when you know you might score for the club.  And every year a number of people who think they can't score for the club will be pleasantly surprised to find that they can.  Remember, teams are scored in age-group divisions (Open, 40+, 50+, 60+, 70+).

USATF-New England Road Racing 2016 Grand Prix Series Schedule

Distance Date Time Event Location Full Results SRR Results Entry Fee Paid by SRR?
5 K Sun Mar 2 9:00 AM An Ras Mor 5k Cambridge MA Results SRR Results No
1/2 Marathon Sun, Mar 20 11:00 AM New Bedford Half Marathon New Bedford MA Results SRR Results No
5 Miles Sun Aug 14 8:00 AM Bobby Doyle 5 Miler Narragansett, RI Results SRR Results YES!!!
10 Miles Sat Aug 27 9:00 AM New Hampshire 10 Miler Merrimack, NH Results SRR Results No
20 K Sun Sep 11 9:00 AM Seasons 20K Acton MA Results SRR Results No
10 K Sun Sep 25 9:00 AM Lone Gull 10K Gloucester MA Results SRR Results YES!!!
Marathon Sun Nov 6 8:00 AM Manchester City Marathon Manchester NH Results SRR Results No

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