SRR Track

You must be a SRR member to participate in the workouts regularly but if you are considering track/SRR and would like to check us out, you are welcome to come to a session as a guest.

Please contact Coach Joe O'Leary if you have any questions about track workouts.




Thanks to the kind people at Brandeis and the kind people on the SRR board (who were willing to pay for this), we will be able to have a one-off SRR indoor track workout this Tuesday. Feb 21 at the Brandeis University Indoor Track in Waltham.  The workout will take place at 7:15 at the Gosman Sports and Convocation Center on South Street in Waltham.  There should be plenty of free parking.  And best of all:  We get to use all lanes!

In order to attend you must be an SRR member who has paid for track in 2017 by this past Friday.  Here is the list of people who have done that

In the interests of having SRR make a good impression, please do not try to enter the building before 6:45.   I know some of you like to arrive early at Tufts.  Don’t do that here.  I will give you all an extra warmup time.  We will hold off making the announcements until 7:15.  Also I really would like to avoid having people who are not on the list show up, so please check the list above.  If you are not on it and really want to come, I might be able to do something if you let me know Monday (early) but please don't surprise me.

The workout?

Well normally around this time we would just be hitting the heart of our Marathoner's build-up cycle that we typically do this time of year.  You know what that means:  Cruise Intervals.  But a number of you aren't doing marathons and many just ran Martha's Vineyard and so might want something shorter.  So I'll give you your choice:

Workout 1: Cruise Intervals:

N x 1600 at THRESHOLD with 1:00 rests.  The number (N) you do depends upon your weekly milate:

  • 0-39 mpw: 3
  • 40-49 mpw: 4
  • 50-59 mpw: 5
  • 60+ mpw: 6


But feel free to add more..


Workout 2:  VO2Max

  • Group A, B: 6 x 800 at INTERVAL with a 1 lap jog recovery
  • Group C, D, E: 6 x 600 at INTERVAL with a 1 lap jog recovery
  • Group F: 6 x 400 at INTERVAL with a 1 lap jog recovery


Anyone who did not just run a 20 mile race or otherwise is not feeling run donwn should try to make this a bit harder.  Either try to run the final 3 reps FASTER than INTERVAL or try to add add on 1 or 2 more.    This should not be too difficult.    These reps are shorter than normal to begin with


I hope you can make it and that this workout helps


-Joe O'Leary



For an explanation of the paces/terms referred to in the workouts below, click here.