Who's Who?

Sometimes it's hard to figure out who to contact for club information. This page will help you figure out who to contact for your various needs. If there's anything that isn't covered here, let the webmaster know and he'll try to get you an answer.

SRR Board of Directors
President Molly Crellin
Vice President Urvi Mujumdar
Treasurer Stephanie Finnegan
Secretary/Clerk Alison Lackey
Members-At-Large Alison McGinty & Aaron Beer
Other SRR Club Officers
Membership Director Kathy Hynes
Public Relations Coordinator John Gorvin
Community Involvement Coordinator Nicole Tateosian
SRR Race Directors
An Ras Mor Race Director Joe O'Leary
26x1 Relay Race Director Brendan Kearney
24 Hour Around-the-Lake Race Director Nichole Bukowski
Gobble x 3 Race Director Bill Bryant
SRR Contacts
General Info Molly Crellin
Monday Night Bur-Run Gordon Pilotte
Thursday Night Run Nicole Tateosian
SRR Wheelchair Team Chris Ahearn
Men's Racing Teams Competition Brian Cullinan
Women's Racing Teams Competition Brian Cullinan
Track Workouts Joe O'Leary
Long Run Coordinator Todd Wallack
Volunteer Coordinator Carrie-Anne Dedeo
Boston Marathon Coordinator Aaron Beer
Team Uniforms & Merchandise Coordinator Bradley Harris
Welcome Wagon Dafne Cardamone
Webmaster Adrian Bellando


Need more info? Write to us:

Somerville Road Runners, Inc.
PO Box 442048
West Somerville, MA 02144-0018