2013-14 SRR Candidates for Appointed Positions

  Volunteer Coordinator
Ali McGinty

Candidate: Ali McGinty
SRR member since:  2012
Statement:  My name is Alison McGinty and I'm interested in the volunteer coordinator position. Most of you know my other half, but I've been running Monday night Bur-runs much slower than him for just as long. I officially joined SRR in 2012 so that I could join the legendary "Queens of Beer." My contribution to SRR is well overdue, but I'm also organized and persuasive, so I think I'd be a great fit for this position. I look forward to being a bigger part of SRR and getting to know more of its fine members. Outside of the club, I also run with Team in Training to raise awareness and support for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Adrian Bellando Candidate:  Adrian Bellando
SRR member since: 2009
Statement: Union Square resident and running with SRR since 2009. I'm an independent web developer and currently privleged to contribute with the addition of news and updates to the club's new & improved website. My tasks involve keeping the home-page announcements current, creating new and appealing website imagery, handling all specific requests for web-page additions and edits, maintaining site hosting and domain registration, and managing all webmaster-directed correspondence.
  Welcome Wagon 
Ruthanne Waite Candidate:  Ruthanne Waite
Statement:  I’ve been a member a little under three years. I started running almost three years ago when my weight loss plateaud at 70 lbs and I needed to lose – which I’ve done – another 30. I joined SRR after my first 5k which was MOM’s run. When I started running is was just a means to and end but much to my surprise I began to like it. I knew that I wanted to continue running not only in the summer but into the fall and winter and thought that joining a club would help that happen. The people that I met at Casey’s and my 26 x 1 were very welcoming and encouraging. I would like to help potential/new members feel as welcomed as I did and to realize that there is something for everyone in SRR – it doesn’t matter if you’re a front of the pack, mid-pack or a beginner.
  Membership Director 
Kathy Hynes

Candidate: Kathy Hynes
Statement: I’ve been an SRR member for about 10 years and would am interested in being Membership Director for the club. I am currently moderator of the yahoo-group, and manufacture the membership cards (I have the laminator). I would like to help the club by taking on the responsibilities of managing the member database, communicating with new members and coordinating membership renewal and related tasks. My hope is to make the new member process more streamlined by taking on both the member list and card-making duties.

  Public Relations Coordinator

Candidate: John Gorvin
SRR member since: 1998
Statement: I have been a club member since 1998, and have been regularly involved with many activities and leadership roles. I have been membership director for five years, and have been the Public Relations Coordinator for two years.

I am seeking another term as Public Relations Coordinator, and am still excited about this chance to serve our running club. I am interested in maintaining this position as I have developed many contacts in the running community, and have established several local media contacts that have been kept apprised of club activities and accomplishments. I seek your continued support, and thank you.

  Community Involvement Coordinator
Korynn Stoyanoff Candidate: Korynn Stoyanoff
SRR member since: 2009
Statement:  SRR already has a great relationship with the community. I would love to help strengthen that relationship as the Community Involvement Coordinator. Outside of race and club events, there are numerous ways that we can give back to the Somerville and neighboring communities. As the Community Involvement Coordinator, I would act as a liaison with the city of Somerville and think of creative ways to put a running spin on community outreach projects. I am especially interested in beginning an SRR coach to 5K program for Somerville residents. I currently manage a large group of volunteers at a service-based non-profit organization and have planned or helped to plan numerous running events and trips while I've been an SRR member. I look forward to bringing this experience to the position.
  Merchandise Coordinator
Bradley Harris Candidate: Bradley Harris
SRR member since: 2010
Statement: I live in Davis Square and work as a software engineer for MapMyFitness. I have been the SRR Merchandise Coordinator for the past year. I love wearing the black and gold and enjoy working to make SRR the best dressed club around.
  Long-Run Coordinator
Bill Hees

Candidate: Bill Hees
SRR member since: 2010
Statement: Training with a group can be more fun and more motivating than training alone. We've got some great group long runs coming up, and we're always looking for more people to host or lead group long runs. Please go to srr.org/events/longruns to find out more. I'm a proud SRR member of three years and current Long Run Coordinator. I'd be happy to have the opportunity to serve another term.

  Boston Marathon Coordinator
Aaron Beer Candidate: Aaron Beer
SRR member since: 2009
Statement: I was appointed to this position last March. I've been an active club member for over 3 years. To me the Boston Marathon is the most inspirational race that I've been a part of. Whether as a runner or spectator. I feel it's important to be part of this race anyway I can and give back to the club. I'd like to have the opportunity again to ensure that all race related logistics run smoothly. Thank you

The club’s 2013 officer elections will take place at our Annual Meeting on Monday March 4th.
The elected officers will then appoint several additional positions critical to club leadership.

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