2013-14 SRR Elected Officer Candidates

Molly Crellin Candidate: Molly Crellin
SRR member since: 2005
Statement: Hello SRR! I am looking forward to running for and hopefully representing the club as president next year. While many of you may not know me as I am not actively running for medical reasons, I have been quite busy quietly working behind the scenes. After two years in a leadership position and 7 years of active membership, I think I am qualified for this position. In the past, I have represented the club as volunteer coordinator and I am just finishing off the year as VP. I have also served on the SRR scholarship committee and am part of a committee putting together a new club race for this summer. I am organized and energetic. In my year as president, I look forward to deepening the ties we ave with the city of Somerville, increasing our exposure to the community, and making for an even better running community in the 'ville.
  Vice President
Urvi Mujumdar

Candidate:  Urvi Mujumdar
SRR member since: 2010
Statement: As volunteer coordinator for SRR this past year, I have organized volunteers for annual club races, several non-club races, and events such as the BAA half-marathon and the City of Somerville spring clean-up.  It has been rewarding to engage club members in these activities, as we have a growing place in the community (running and general).  Outside of this role, I'm on the race committee for the next annual Gobble Gobble Gobble, and plan to help with new community initiatives.  I'm also a member of the New York Road Runners, USATF New England, and USA Triathlon.  Having gained so much as a member of SRR, I would like to expand my responsibilities to a leadership role which is why I seek the position of Vice President. 

Stephanie Finnegan

Candidate:  Stephanie Finnegan
SRR member since: 2005
Statement: I look forward to another year as Treasurer. Another year of improving internal control procedures, distributing monthly financial statements to the Board, attending monthly Board meetings, using my tax and accounting expertise as a licensed CPA to advise the organization and having fun with my club!

Alison Lackey

Candidate:  Alison Lackey
SRR member since:  2011
Statement: I'm running for Secretary because Scott Abrams promised to write me a funny candidate statement, but he's about as reliable as one chopstick. So here goes. My name is Alison Lackey and I would appreciate your vote to elect me as the next Secretary of the Somerville Road Runners. I'm not sure that I'm qualified for the enormous responsibilities of the position, but I'm really good at passing the buck. From my early days of youth when I worked at a wig factory outside of Caribou, Maine, I realized I had a fantastic proclivity to get recognized for work that I didn't actually do. I won numerous Employee of the Month awards, which now proudly hang in the trunk of a dilapidated Oldsmobile Toronado. I once won despite the fact that I spent 27 days skipping work while pretending to smuggle hip-hop cassettes across the Canadian border. To be blunt, I hate to work. I'm irresponsible, grouchy and a bit of a shoplifter. You've probably seen me hanging out around Casey's looking like I'm making sure everyone is enjoying themselves. It's actually a great time to pickpocket. I suppose I have some admirable qualities. I think I smell nice. I've been complimented on occasion for how I never leave fingerprints on things (it's a good habit to have). And I once had a dalliance with one of the contestants of Big Brother Slovenia, season 3. Okay, enough of this gushing. Just vote for me and I promise I won't be the cause of anything that goes wrong (or right).

  Members-At-Large (four candidates - two positions available)
Carrie-Anne Dedeo

Candidate:  Carrie-Anne Dedeo
SRR member since:  2009
Statement: I'm running for member-at-large because I want to give back to a club that has given me so much over the four years I've been a member -- opportunities to train and improve as a runner, races in which to push myself to do my best, inspiration for getting through long winters of marathon training, and friends with whom to run. Even before officially joining SRR in the fall of 2009, I sought out opportunities to volunteer, first at the Gobble and later at other races and Thursday night runs. In doing so, I have found myself consistently impressed by the time and energy board members and other club members dedicate to running the club's many events and to raising money for charity. As a member-at-large, I hope to play an active role in the charitable efforts of the organization, particularly those relating to young runners, such as the scholarships given to deserving student athletes from Somerville High School. As a high school teacher and cross country coach, this is a cause close to my heart, and I am eager to strengthen SRR's ties with young runners in the community -- perhaps by encouraging more youth participation in our races by recruiting "teams" of student runners and/or by offering race entry waivers. I believe that my experience running with and volunteering for the team, combined with my teaching and coaching experience and my two years as a board member for Dreamfar Triathlon team, amply qualify me for this board position. I humbly ask for your vote and for the chance to represent your interests on the SRR board.

Mike Joyce Candidate:  Mike Joyce
Statement:  Since joining SRR, I have enjoyed the camaraderie and support among all members of the club. I have improved my running ability, and credit this from my involvement in the club's various events and races. I believe a club is only as good as its current members and leadership. Over the past year I have attended most board meetings and have volunteered. I would like to join the Board so that I may contribute to the club at a greater level. Thank you for your consideration.
Corey Maillette Candidate:  Corey Maillette
Statement: Before joining the club, I had only entered two 5kís in my life. I played soccer from 2nd grade until college, but never focused on running. Since I have joined, I have completed numerous races, run my first marathon (Chicago) and now I am training for my first Ironman (Lake Placid). With the help of SRR and those at track, I have set new PRís in every race this year and look forward to seeing those times come down even more. I want to give back to the club that has given me so much. Iíve volunteered for numerous SRR events, but I believe that on top of that, I could best serve as a member-at-large, pitching in wherever help is needed the most.
Jesse Morrow Candidate:  Jesse Morrow
Statement:  I have been with SRR for 3 years now.  Many people know who I am. I am the fat smoking guy at track who has improved and quit. SRR and its members helped me through some of the darkest points of my life. I have come out the other side a better runner and a better person. It's time for me to give back. I feel the Member At Large Position is
a perfect fit for me. I will be able to represent the members' ideas and grievances. Additionally it can serve a springboard for the eventual seizure of global power where SRR has its own seat at the UN.

The club’s 2013 officer elections will take place at our Annual Meeting on Monday March 4th.
The elected officers will then appoint several additional positions critical to club leadership.

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