2016-17 SRR Elected Officer Candidates

Urvi Mujumdar Candidate: Urvi Mujumdar
SRR member since: 2010
Statement: As many of you know, my debut with the Somerville Road Runners involved a fateful hand-off at the 26x1 that not only led me to my future husband, but to the best running club around.  Since then, I have served SRR as volunteer coordinator, Vice President (two terms), and I’m running for a second term as President.  I also helped get the SRR Kids program get started, and have served on various committees.  Being a board member has allowed me to work with an amazing group of individuals to come up with decisions, initiatives, and ideas that keep our club dynamic.  Alas, my secret was uncovered in 2015 that I had never run the Bur-run.  I set that record straight on May 11th, and hope that I can lead you into another great year!  
  Vice President
Kimberly Larmouth Macdonald

Candidate:  Kimberly Larmouth Macdonald
SRR member since: 2011
Statement: As the Vice President for the 2015-2016 term, I am excited to run for re-election this year! Though I have a year of experience under my belt, I feel there is much more to accomplish in this next year. I've helped kick off the first-ever running safety workshop with the City of Somerville, established guidelines for the new marketing coordinator position, and helped launch new social media strategies. I'd love to help keep this momentum going into 2017.

No Candidate Candidate: Stephanie Finnegan
SRR member since: 2005
Statement: (second year of two-year term) As a Certified Public Accountant and auditor, I perform audits for not-for-profit organizations including bookkeeping, preparing financial statements, evaluating internal control procedures and filing federal and state tax returns. I think my knowledge and experience could benefit the run club. Also, I met my husband, Neil, in SRR nearly 10 years ago and I want to give back to the club ;)
Carrie-Anne DeDeo

Candidate:  Julie Holt
SRR member since:  2012
Statement: Over the past year, I've had the pleasure of seeing our Board of Directors in action while serving as SRR Marketing Coordinator. Their commitment to SRR's mission and growth as a club has inspired me to get more involved. I am running for Secretary because I hope to continue my service to the club that has given me so much. From running buddies to the weekly runs to race trips to a bib for Boston, I have benefited tremendously from having SRR as my extended family. We have many great traditions and and many more new ideas for how we can grow as a club, and I want to help cultivate them.

I'm also REALLY good at taking detailed notes, which will come in handy at monthly board meetings. If there were an award for that kind of thing, I'm confident I'd have won it by now. And while I never played point guard for the Washington Generals, I have been to a Harlem Globetrotters game, which should be close enough for Secretary.

  Members-At-Large (two candidates - two positions available)
Nichole Bukowski

Candidate: Nichole Bukowski
SRR member since: 2012
Statement: I have thoroughly enjoyed playing a more active role on the SRR leadership team and would love to continue another year on the board and as the long run coordinator. I supported the club with new social media marketing efforts, making board decisions, creating weekday community runs, and the SRR Second Saturday monthly long run.

Outside of the club I stay involved in promoting health in the community as a field hockey coach, track and field coach, and personal trainer.

Tom Breider Candidate:  Jason Lachapelle
SRR member since: 2006
Statement:  I've been running, whenever I get the chance to, since I was a small child. In fact, my 2nd grade gym teacher later recruited me as a high school freshman to be on the Cross-Country team. I first became aware of SRR when a rugby coach, Dan Solomon, who was also president of SRR at the time, required my team to show up to the Khoury's Thursday Night Run back in the winter of 2001-02, to stay in shape over the long winter. I first joined SRR in 2006, and served on the board as member at large in 2009. In 2010, I helped Brendan Kearney and Chris Cummings create a fun little short film about the behind-the-scenes workings of the board, called Taking Care of Business, and then did my best to collaborate with him to bring the 26x1 to Somerville from Marshfield. 2011 was the last year that I'd say I ran "well", and I've been less involved in the club since then, but I would like to change that in 2016.

This year, it would be my pleasure to help the club compete in the USATF Grand Prix by coordinating participation in those races. I'd also like to research timing systems to see if SRR would benefit from ownership or co-ownership, especially for quirky races like the 26x1 and 24 Hour Ultra Around the Lake. Beyond that, I'm happy to be of service to the club as the board sees fit.

The club’s 2016 officer elections will take place at our Annual Meeting on Monday March 14th.
The elected officers will then appoint several additional positions critical to club leadership.

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