2017-18 SRR Candidates for Appointed Positions

  Volunteer Coordinator
Irene Lanois

Candidate: Irene Lanois
SRR member since: 2015
Statement:  I joined SRR in the early summer of 2015. Since my first run at Casey's I have found myself doing everything possible to fully immerse myself in the club and SRR community as a whole.

Since joining I have volunteered at almost every opportunity that I was available for. I recognize the importance of the volunteers at each event to help ensure that things go smoothly. I have enjoyed getting to see the inner workings of the club both for events and overall from attending the monthly board meetings. Being a part of SRR has helped to bring me a great sense of community and I am looking forward to being able to give back to that community.

  Welcome Wagon Coordinator 
Kari Lavin Candidate:  Kari Lavin
SRR member since: 2016
Statement: When I moved to Massachusetts fresh off a senior track season, I was excited to run and looking for a motivating & fun team atmosphere. I knew there was something special about SRR after my first workout, but I didn't realize it was the people. I got to know some pretty funny, kind, and talented teammates, through events like the Cape Cod Relay, which makes the running even better. I'm so excited to be on the other side this year, welcoming new members to the club & connecting them to the large and wonderful SRR community! :)
  Membership Director 
Dennis Shay

Candidate: Dennis Shay
SRR member since: 2016
Statement: As of September 2016, I became serious about running and joined the club through Victor Gonzalez, who brought me to the SRR gathering at the Cape Cod Marathon/Relay. I was truly inspired by the sense of belonging and joined the club thereafter. Since then I've become seriously invested in both the club and training, and I couldn't be happier and more motivated to get others to join. I'm now registered to run the Newport Marathon after not even being sure if I could do the half. Regarding the position, my job as a Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Manager requires the handling of multiple databases and matrices for upkeep of training, document revisions etc. and providing company-wide updates on their status, so I'm used to keeping track of people's statuses.

  Marketing Coordinator
Katrina Squeri

Candidate: Katrina Squeri
SRR member since: 2016
Statement:  I am interested in the Marketing Coordinator position as I majored in organizational communication/marketing and currently work for a PR firm in the Seaport. As PR is general marketing, I feel that I am qualified to take on this role and will be able to bring SRR's presence to the next level. As the main duty of my job is to pitch to reporters and place my clients in online articles, print articles and magazines, as well as handle their social handles, I will able to elevate SRR's notability and significance in the public's eyes.

"Recently graduating from Merrimack College with a degree in organizational communications and general marketing, I am looking to pursue SRR's marketing coordinator position and bring the club's presence to the next level. I currently work for fama PR, a premier, technology public relations firm in Boston's seaport and will be able to bring the newest marketing tactics to promote SRR, the athletes involved and the great comradery/success of the club."

  Long-Run Coordinator (shared role)
Deb & Nichole
Deb & Nichole
Candidate: Deb Downs, Nichole Bukowski, and Scot DeDeo
  Bur-Run Coordinator
Seth Maleri

Candidate: Seth Maleri
SRR member since: long time
Seth's statement:  (excerpt from last year) As far as the Bur-run goes it's only good because I attach my name to it. And I have big plans for it. I'm going to get free beers for everyone who runs it and I'm going to get The Burren to pay for it. I am the greatest race director the Bur-run has ever known...Vote Seth Maleri in [2017]. You owe it to yourself and America.

  Casey's Coordinator
Irene Lanois Candidate:  Irene Lanois
SRR member since: 2015
Statement: My introduction to SRR was coming to Casey's one warm Thursday evening. I had long been looking for a running club to join and while had often felt intimidated seeing all the fast SRR people at races, decided to come one day to give it a shot. Seth and Nat were sweeping that day and were gracious enough to not make me feel bad about being slow or for taking walk breaks. Everyone that night was so friendly and welcoming to me that I immediately went home and officially joined SRR. Soon after I began volunteering at just about every event that I was able to. I have enjoyed running with and getting to know everyone over the last year and a half. Casey's will forever be the thing that brought me into SRR.

This past year I have been the official Casey's coordinator. In that time I have been trying to both continue with the traditions of the past, bring back some lost events, and start some new events and possible traditions.

Casey's continues to have a warm and welcoming feel to me each and every week that I am there, and I hope to help bring that feeling and sense of the SRR community and spirit to everyone who joins us each week!
  Merchandise Coordinator
Laura Buso
Jonathan Bean
Candidate: Laura Buso and Jon Bean
SRR members since: 2016 and 2013
Statement:  We look forward to learning more about the inner workings of the club and furthering the merchandise department.
  Community Involvement Coordinator
John Gorvin Candidate: To be appointed
No Photo Candidate:  To be appointed
  Grand Prix Coordinator
No Candidate Candidate: To be determined in July
  SRR Kids Coordinator
No Candidate Candidate: To be determined in July
  Boston Marathon Coordinator
No Candidate Candidate: To be determined in July

The club's 2017 officer elections will take place at our Annual Meeting on Monday March 6th.
The elected officers will then appoint several additional positions critical to club leadership.

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