2018-19 SRR Candidates for Appointed Positions

  Volunteer Coordinator

Candidate: Still Accepting Applications

  Welcome Wagon Coordinator 
Kari Lavin Candidate:  Kari Lavin
SRR member since: 2016
Statement: I knew there was something special about SRR after my first track workout and I stand by that. This crew is a strong one: dedicated, talented, hilarious, funny, and supportive. There’s always a friendly face to cheer you home- whether on great runs or wall-hitting marathons. My first year as the welcome wagon gave me the opportunity to talk to new SRRS & learn what they’re excited and curious about. Hoping year 2 brings more chances to work with the board and more fresh faces into this awesome community!
  Membership Director 
Dennis Shay

Candidate: Dennis Shay
SRR member since: 2016
Statement: I’ve been the membership coordinator for the past year, and I couldn’t be happier and more motivated to get others to join. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting new members at the Casey’s runs, describing how much the club has changed my running for the better, and encouraging them to join. I also love responding to emails from new and potential members with any questions they have about the club, and being able to inform them how much it’s changed my running and life in general over the past year. If re-elected, I hope to bring more members to the club over the next year through membership drives and more availability to join the club during races where SRR makes a strong presence.

  Marketing Coordinator

Candidate: Jesse Morrow
SRR member since: 2011
Statement:  I’ve been a member for almost 8 years now. From 2010 until 2014, the club grew rather independently and without much effort from internal forces. However, since that time new organizations based on different models have come and grown in size while for a while, SRR involvement shrank. In order to stay relevant in a new era of running and fitness, SRR must re-dedicate itself to reinventing its own recruitment and marketing strategies. As marketing coordinator, I will synthesize our race promotion with a united frame that co-brands each race. Also, I will create a social media presence that uses many of the same tools newer running organizations use for recruitment. Finally, I will organize the digital media into a library that can be easily used by future marketing coordinators, race directors and merchandise sellers. My strategy would be year-long plan that drew from not only my work but also call in club members who are experts in fields such as websites, social media and graphic design. I want to leave this position with the club having the tools and procedures to succeed for the next 5 years. For these reasons, I ask to fill the role of Marketing Coordinator for 2018-2019.

  Long-Run Coordinator (shared role)
Deb & Scot
Deb & Nichole
Candidate: Deb Downs and Scot DeDeo
  Bur-Run Coordinator

Candidate: None

  Casey's Coordinator
Irene Lanois Candidate:  Irene Lanois
SRR member since: 2015
Statement: My introduction to SRR was coming to Casey’s one warm Thursday evening. I had long been looking for a running club to join and while had often felt intimidated seeing all the fast SRR people at races, decided to come one day to give it a shot. Seth and Nat were sweeping that day and were gracious enough to not make me feel bad about being slow or for taking walk breaks. Everyone that night was so friendly and welcoming to me that I immediately went home and officially joined SRR. Soon after I began volunteering at just about every event that I was able to. I have enjoyed running with and getting to know everyone over the last year and a half. Casey’s will forever be the thing that brought me into SRR. I have been the Casey's Coordinator for the past 2 years and have enjoyed watching it grow and change. I love coming up with little events to help bring some variety into our weeks. Over the years I have gotten to know so many friendly faces through my involvement at Casey's. While each week continues to bring a core group of runners who were coming long before I was, I have also watched many new people start to come week after week. I feel privileged to be at the finish each time a runner comes in and tells me that was a PR for them The technology part of Casey's has never been my strong suit and I am looking forward to bringing on a co-coordinator into the role to take over that aspect. Casey's continues to have a warm and welcoming feel to me each and every week that I am there, and I hope to help bring that feeling and sense of the SRR community and spirit to everyone who joins us each week!
  Merchandise Coordinator
Candidate: Still accepting Applications
  Community Involvement Coordinator
John Gorvin Candidate: To be appointed
No Photo Candidate:  Sara Radkiewicz
SRR members since:Forever
Statement:   Ready to move the club to a modern website that is easily maintained.
  Grand Prix Coordinator
No Candidate Candidate: To be determined in July
  SRR Kids Coordinator
No Candidate Candidate: To be determined in July
  Boston Marathon Coordinator
No Candidate Candidate: To be determined in July

The club's 2018 officer elections will take place at our Annual Meeting on Monday March 5th.
The elected officers will then appoint several additional positions critical to club leadership.

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