2018-19 SRR Elected Officer Candidates

Julie Holt

Candidate: Julie Holt
SRR member since: 2012
Statement: Since joining SRR in 2012, I have come to think of the club as my extended family. Being a part of this exceptional group has changed my life in so many ways. From the camaraderie of running Casey’s in subzero wind chills to the adventure of traveling with a group to the Quebec City Marathon and everything in between, SRR has been a huge part of my life and has helped me achieve things I never thought possible. It has been an honor to serve as president over the past year, and I am finding that one year is not enough time to learn the ropes and still complete all of the initiatives the board is working on. From increasing our coaching availability to creating cool new SRR gear, there is still much to do. It would be my honor to continue serving as president in 2018 to work toward achieving our goals.

  Vice President
Nichole Bukowski

Candidate:  Nichole Bukowski
SRR member since: 2013
Statement: I’m interested in running for Vice President of SRR for a second term. I've been a club member since 2013. I've thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity over the past year to get more involved with club strategy, vision, supporting our runners and the community. I'd love to continue doing this for another year to continue on some projects that we've started and to see them through.

Candidate: Brian Tinger
SRR member since: 2006
Statement: I’ve been in the accounting field my entire career and currently work as the corporate controller at a small biotech company located in Ipswich, MA. I also serve on the finance committee of a non-profit called the Ipswich River Watershed Association. I’m interested in this position as I know I’m capable of handling the finances of SRR and pride myself on being an honest and trustworthy individual. I see this position as a way in which I can give back to SRR and assist the club in administering the necessary financial duties.
Melissa Glotzbecker

Candidate:  Melissa Glotzbecker
SRR member since:  2013
Statement:  Hi SRR! I am applying for the position of secretary for the upcoming 2018 board elections. I have been a member since 2013, and have enjoyed volunteering and serving in multiple leadership positions. Most recently, I have served as volunteer coordinator for 2 years and as member of large/secretary for the past year. I feel that the club has given me so much, including the friendship and support I missed for years not being a member of a team. I have enjoyed giving back to the club and having the time to help make decisions which ensure the clubs health and future. Outside of the club I am also a cross country and track and field coach in a local school district.

  Members-At-Large (two candidates - two positions available)
Irene Lanois

Candidate: Irene Lanois
SRR member since: 2015
Statement: I have been the volunteer coordinator for the past 2 years for SRR. I have genuinely enjoyed the opportunity to serve the club, get to know our members, and make connections with other organizations. I am interested in running for Member-at-Large in order to remain involved with SRR and continue to help our club make positive strides in our community. Outside of SRR, I have the opportunity to coach middle school and high school athletes in a local school district in cross country, indoor track and outdoor track.

Tom Breider Candidate:  Jason Lachapelle
SRR member since: 2006
Statement: I've been running with SRR since the winter of 2001-02, when I often showed up at Khoury's on Thursday nights to stay in shape between rugby seasons. I first joined SRR in 2006, and have been elected member at large for 3 1-year stints since 2009. In 2010, I helped Brendan Kearney and Chris Cummings create a short film about the behind-the-scenes workings of the board, called Taking Care of Business (which can be found on the web site), and then did my best to collaborate with Brendan to bring the 26x1 to Somerville from Marshfield (it's going strong after 8 years of SRR stewardship). 2011 was the last year that I'd say I ran "well", and I took a several-year hiatus from active membership, but came back in 2016 to take the board officer position I hold today, having helped presidents Urvi and Julie to achieve their visions for the club. In the coming year, it would be my pleasure to help the club in several ways, including setting 5 and 10 year plans, getting our races bad-weather-ready, and moving our equipment to a better storage facility. I'd also like to help our president complete an SRR race director's handbook; and in particular, I'd like to help Bradley Harris and Brian Cullinan improve the experience of volunteers working at the Gobble and the 26x1 Relay. I'd be honored if you would help elect me to take on those challenges. Thank you, Jason Lachapelle

The club’s 2018 officer elections will take place at our Annual Meeting on Monday March 5th.
The elected officers will then appoint several additional positions critical to club leadership.

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