Injury Treatment and Prevention

The following list is compiled from experiences of SRR runners as a service to the club. The list is intended for information purposes only and is not a formal SRR endorsement of the practitioner or of the comments of its members.

  • "Dr. Grace Steinley treated my hamstring strain, and found that my sciatic nerve was stuck to glute muscles, treating that also. I am back to 30+ miles per week after 2 months. Active Release Technique and recommended exercises definitely helped very quickly."
    "I started seeing Grace about a year ago on the recommendation of Sara Radkiewicz, Wendy Palto and Kevin Guarnotta. Through her treatments, she keeps me running high mileage and I have see consistent racing improvements. There have been days that I had to stop a workout in the morning because of knee pain. I get an appointment with her in the afternoon and I am back to running again with only one day off. She is truly a miracle worker."
  • Joint Ventures Physical Therapy and Fitness
    "I went to Jessica Douglas for an ongoing hamstring injury. She was able to diagnose the cause of the problem, treat it and get me back to running. Within the next year I had PR’s in three 5Ks, 5 mile, 10K (during a triathlon), 15K and Half Marathon."
    "PT is generally less than enjoyable. In fact it can be downright painful. If you need PT go see Jess at Joint Ventures. She is friendly and knowledgeable so at least there is good conversation while she's kicking your ass. I was suffering from Rotator Cuff Tendonitis and Jess has made a huge difference in the mobility of my arm. Hopefully I never need PT again, but if I do I'll be headed back to Jess at Joint Ventures."
  • Jennifer Giuliano, Boston Sports Medicine
    "She's sincere, caring & friendly. She got me in quickly and is a runner herself. She has a flexible schedule and works out of the Allston & Watertown offices. She addressed the problem and provided various modalities as well as at-home exercises & a training program to ease me back into running. I have gone back to her a few times w/different injuries. I saw her for tendinitis, ITB, MTSS."
  • Kennedy Brothers Physical Therapy, Boylston Sports Club, Boylston St, Boston Ma 02116, 617-266-2664, fax 617-266-2674

    "runners injuries are very well diagnosed and rehabilitated with heat/stretching/exercises/stimulation/massage and then iced.

    Erin Tomasik is one of their therapists... she is on Boylston St (MS, PT)...listed as a preferred provider in BCBS with my copay as Fed employee at 25/visit. VERY efficient use of medical investment. Highly recommended."

    "I went there last spring to rehab a hamstring injury. Jake is great at working with athletes. Not a walker in sight. Everyone in there was an athlete of one kind or another. Lots of boston marathon stuff all over the walls. If you work downtown, he has very early hours, so you can do your rehab before work. The office is in the middle of downtown crossing."
  • Susan Laviolette 35 Bedford St Lexington, MA 02420-4320 781-861-8884
    "Susan is an experienced physical therapist, with goals to get folks back on the road ASAP, and aims to keep you "out" of her office by teaching you how to run injury free. She's not one of these quacks that just wants you to come pay for another useless massage and eat up office visits and money. I went to her 7 years ago for a severe IT band injury and she brought me back to being able to run within a few weeks, and using her advice this injury has NEVER recurred (threatened me yes, but never recurred). She worked on Joan Benoit's knee back in the 80s or 90s, and got her back up and running in time to run the Boston Marathon. When you walk into Joan's office, you see a huge picture of Joan finishing the Boston Marathon with a "thank you Susan" signed to it. I've sent others to her as well who have also had positive experiences."
  • Dr. Kristie McLean
    "I would add Dr. Kristie McLean who uses both deep tissue massage & chiropractic treatment. She is no-nonsense and gets results. Dr. McLean is located inside the Boston Athletic Club (BAC) in South Boston, 653 Summer St, Boston, MA 02210 Tel. 617-268-0333."
  • Ruben Millor, Big Hands Massage, Davis Square
    "If we can add massage therapists, I would add Ruben Millor, Big Hands Massage. He's right in Davis Square and although he's most well-known for reassembling cyclists and rowers, he does a great job on runners too."
  • Dr. Lars Richardson , 1101 Beacon St, Brookline
    "I recommend Dr Lars Richardson for knee issues. He had a good no-nonsense attitude and my treatment for runner's knee went fine. I didn't need surgery so can't speak to that but he was recommended by someone who had a knee surgery with him which went well."
  • Dr. Robert Wood, Sports Medicine North
    "I saw Dr. Robert Wood at Sports Medicine North in Peabody, MA for a broken leg/torn ankle ligaments last June. That was a pretty severe case which I really hope no one has to see him for, however he specializes in all ankle injuries and is really good. Essentially, I hurt myself to a degree where I wasn't sure I would be running again and now, 18 months later, I'm running 6 days a week and starting to think about marathons again. He's good."
  • Suzanne L. Miller, M.D.
    "I saw her for a knee injury - she specializes in women's knees and is also a marathon runner. Her priority was to get me healthy so I could be running again as quick as possible."
  • John Hester, M.D.
    "I saw Dr Hester last year (under the recommendation of Shaun Miller) for a possible achilles problem. He is also a runner and was sympathetic to the fact that I wanted to get back to running so I could run Boston. He was also realistic and at one point told me I could keep training on an elliptical but wasn't optimistic that I would be healed in time. They make custom orthotics in-house so I was able to get those there. He is the podiatrist for the Celtics and before becoming a doctor, he was a sports physical therapist. He was easy to get an appointment with."
  • Dr. Kate Kelly
    "Dr. Kelly is a fellow athlete (triathlons) so she really knows the types of issues we runners experience, and has gone through a number of them herself. I've seen her for a host of problems: back, hamstring, calf, plantar facitis. She always manages to get me back on my feet with a combo of chiro & ART. Plus, she spends more than the typical time with you. Besides her own location in Arlington, she also sees patients in Grace Steinley's office downtown."
  • Jeffrey Abraham, MSPT, Spine & sports injury center, 4 Avery St, Boston, (617) 375-8644
    "I've been to my fair share of different pt's over the years. He really understood how runners behave (as in I wont stop running just because ive pulled a hamstring) Very practical stretching techniques that you can duplicate on your own w/o a gym. Unfortunately my current insurance dosent cover this place...I may just change my insurance."
  • Dr. John Hester
    "He is a runner and did my achilles surgery. I can't say good enough about him-very knowledgeable."
  • Boston Body Worker
    "For Sports Massage (I know its not Dr. related, but they give insurance discounts) I love Boston Body Worker: They just get all the kinks and knots out, and it is much better than any froofy spa massage."