Race Results

Race results are collected using a program that matches result names against the SRR membership list.  It does matching based on the exact names.  This means that if your name is spelled differently on a race result than it is in our membership list, the program will not catch the result.  We also only attempt to match against names in the New England states.  So if you run a race somewhere else in the country/world, we also will not catch it.  Not unless you let me know about it.  Also, the program only works with the CoolRunning web site, so race results not listed there won't be processed unless I think of it beforehand

If you ran a race and the results is not listed here, please drop me a note saying so, and I'll  fix it.

One more time, make sure your name on the race application is spelled EXACTLY as it on the membership application that YOU sent in. You hear that, all you Bob/Robert / Mike/Michael / Joe/Joseph / Rich/Richards out there? Please? Pretty please? Whipped cream and cherries on top? (mmmm, whipped cream....)

  • February 16 - February 22
    • Five College Realtors 10 Miler - USATF-NE Grand Prix Race #1
    • Snowshoe Classic at Brooksby Farm
    • USATF New England Championship
    • 2015 Fudgcicle Series - Week 8

  • February 9 - February 15 -- Coming...

  • February 2 - February 8 -- Coming...

  • January 26 - February 1 -- Coming...

  • January 19 - January 25
    • Greater Boston Track Club Meet
    • 20th Annual Boston Prep 16 Miler
    • 2015 Fudgcicle Series - Week 4

  • January 1 - January 4
    • Across The Years 48 Hour
    • GAC Fat Ass 50k
    • 2015 Fudgcicle Series - Week 1
    • Boston U Mini Meet #3
    • 1st Run
    • Eighth Annual Wicked Frosty Four
    • The 34th Annual Winner?s Circle Running Club Hangover Classic 10K and 5K Road Races
    • Run Your Hangover OFF