Inaugural Community Day Event

FREE running, health, and motivation workshops

Meet and run with local running & motivation celebrity, USA World Marathon Challenge Winner Becca Pizzi

Free raffle entry for all new members! TONS of great prizes: Free gait analysis, yoga classes, massage, apparel, personal training

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: runners and non-runners, never-runners and not-yet-runners, kids and teens, adults and seniors, and anyone looking for a great local community!


When: Saturday, November 17th, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm (full schedule listed below)
Where: East Somerville Community School (50 Cross St.)

Also see our Facebook event page: Somerville Road Runners Inaugural Community Day

Raffle Prizes

Anyone who purchases an SRR membership at Community Day will get 1 free raffle ticket. additional tickets will be for sale as well: 1 for $5, 3 for $10, or 8 for $20. All proceeds will go to support local charitable organizations.

Additional Sponsors

Bread for Community Day Event


9:00 am — Sign-in and warm up for fun runs
Please arrive by 9 to sign in.

9:20 am — 5k Fun Run
Get to know the faces & diverse personalities of the Somerville Road Runners as you join them for a casual 5k run. This run is open to ALL paces & abilities. This is not a race, it’s a fun run for you to get to know our community. We will have runners supporting you at different paces as we run a 5k route.

9:30 am — Kids Runs
There will be two options for kids runs. The runs will be catered to the following ages:
Kids up to Age 4 (shorter)
Kids Age 5 and Up (slightly longer)

10:00 am - 12:30 pm — Kids Activities
We have a variety of fun, inspiring, & movement based activities for your kiddos at Community Day! Kids and Parents can stop by these activities anytime between 10:00 am to 12:30 pm. These activities are geared for kids of all ages up through early teens.

  • Face Painting!

  • Make My Own Goals & Dreams Poster

  • Fit Deck Movement Activity Game

  • Make My Own Hero Medal or Award

  • Draw Myself Full Size & Create An Inspirational Poster All About Me!

10:00 am - 12:30 pm — Health, Fitness, and Motivational Workshops
We have a wide variety of workshops scheduled, headlined by Becca Pizzi, the world record holder for the World Marathon Challenge. To see a more detailed schedule with workshop descriptions and presenter bios click here. The workshop schedule is as follows:

  • 10-10:30 “Why Not Me?” a motivational session with Becca Pizzi

  • 10-11 “ChiRunning” with Jean Gillis

  • 10:30-11 “Trying the Track: What is track practice and who is it for? Everyone of course!” with Coach Joe O’Leary

  • 10:30-11 “Trail Running 101” with Scot DeDeo

  • 10:30-11 “Running and Strength” with The Training Room

  • 11-11:30 “Making Running Shoe & Gear Selections” with Marathon Sports

  • 11-11:30 “Make Running Technology Work For You” with John Scott and Doug Lipinski

  • 11-11:30 “Running and Strength Training” with Built in Boston

  • 11:30-12 “Race Day Strategy” with Coach Joe O’Leary

  • 11:30-12 “The Purpose and Benefits of Gait Analysis and VO2Max Testing” with Outback Physical Therapy

  • 11:30-12 “Triathlon” with Jean Gillis and Gretchen Turner

  • 12-12:30 “Paddling for Fitness” with Paddle Boston

  • 12-12:30 “Move and Feel Better with the Alexander Technique” with Joshua Myrvaagnes

  • 12-12:30 “Your Nervous System is ‘Running’ The Show!“ with Nichole Bukowski and Irene Lanois

12:30 Raffle Prize Drawings
Stick around to see if you won any of the great prizes listed above!