We are pleased to announce the 2018-2019 SRR Grand Prix Race Series Schedule:

  • Dec 2018: Yulefest 5k, Cambridge MA - 12.09.18

  • Jan 2019: SRR Winter Challenge, Somerville MA - 01.06.19

  • Feb 2019: Super 5k, Lowell MA - 02.03.19

  • Mar 2019: New Bedford Half Marathon, New Bedford MA - 03.17.19 (USATF)

  • April 2019: James Joyce Ramble,10k, Dedham MA - 04.29.19

  • May 2019: Esplanade 5k (Blue Cross), Boston MA - 05.18.19

  • Jun 2019: 26x1 Relay, Medford MA - 06.22.19, 8:30am

  • Jul 2019: TBD

  • Aug 2019: Race To The Row 5k, Somerville MA - 08.25.19, 9:00am

  • Sept 2019: Lone Gull 10k, Gloucester MA - 09.22.19 (USATF)

If anyone needs a ride to the non-local races, please let us know or make an announcement on Facebook (SRR) or Google Groups (SRR).

Scoring - This year we will continue with last year's Tom/Tom scoring system. For a detailed description click here to see our Google doc outlining the revised scoring system (and rules listed below). 

2018-2019 Grand Prix Rules: 

  • For each participant, your best 5 race scores will count towards the final standings

  • You must run a minimum of 3 races to compete for Age Group awards

  • Your age as of the first race on December 9th, 2018 will be the age and age group for the remainder of the Grand Prix. Those who turned 20, 30, 40, and 50 before this date will be in their new age groups.

  • Top 3 Overall and Top 3 Age Group winners will receive awards

  • Additional awards may be given to those who finish 5 and 7 races

  • Volunteering for the 26x1 and/or Race to the Row count as race participation, but you will not receive a score.

  • You MUST be an active 2019 SRR member for your race to count

Questions? Please e-mail us directly.

Good luck and HAVE FUN!!