SRR Thursday Night (alternate course) 3.66 Miler

(formerly known as the "Khoury's, Thursday Night 4.13 Miler")

Every Thursday evening - We Leave Casey's Bar on 171 Broadway, Somerville at 7:08 PM to head to the start. Run starts at 7:15 PM.

UPDATE: As of March 21, 2019 we are running an alternate course due to the Broadway bridge closure. This course is approximately 3.66 miles and the route is show below.



Weekly results are posted on the Casey’s results page.

Speed + Winter Hill = Roadkill

Storm Through Somerville
It may be snowing. It may be raining. The blood of a Communist revolution may be flowing through the streets. The SRR Thursday Night Run will happen every week at 7:15 pm (leave the bar at 7:08 pm), no matter what! Wanna run it? Great! It's FREE! You can check out the official course route (see the map above for the alternate course during the Broadway bridge closure) as well as the artist's rendition of the course and find a map of and directions to Casey's. Come back to this page to view the results from each week's run. And if you're not sure what your new target time should be, check out this 4.06 mile pace chart.

You can help by signing up to volunteer and help with timing!

Don't forget about our great seasonal Cook-Offs!! Keep tuned in for details.

PLEASE NOTE: All runners must sign the waiver sheet at the beginning of the run. For the safety of runners and volunteers, all runners must be able to finish the run within 60 minutes and wear reflective clothing or lights when it is dark outside. SRR can provide a small number of reflective vests.



Division       Time              Pace         Name              Date

Women's:    00:24:47        6:06          Kate Hails       03/28/13

Men's:          00:21:18        5:29          Nick Green     08/20/15

Consecutive Loops: 10     10:45:00  Aaron Beer   11/13/14


Download your own SRR Thursday Night Running Log, (word document courtesy of Tyrone Tse.)


Directions on Getting There

Public transportation : MBTA Orange Line to Sullivan Square, left out of parking lot, under bridge, straight on Broadway, Casey's is on the right, (distance from station about 2/3 mile).

From Route 93S : Exit 28 (Sullivan Square/Charlestown), bear right on ramp (Mystic Avenue/Broadway), right at end of ramp, right on Broadway, Casey's is about 1/3 mile on the right.

From Route 93N : Exit 29 (Somerville/Everett), left at ramp (38/28 S), left under expressway (93S/28 Cambridge), left on Mystic Avenue (28S/McGrath Highway), right on McGrath Highway (28S/Cambridge), left at Gulf Station to Broadway, Casey's is 1/5 mile on the left.

From Route 2E : Left at Alewife traffic light, cross Mass Avenue, right on Broadway at Stop&Shop, Continue on Broadway at Powderhouse rotary (Ball Square/Boston), cross McGrath Highway at bottom of Winter Hill (Gulf Station), Casey's is 1/5 mile on the left