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26x1 Relay 2015
Photo Credit: Tom Cole


What's Happening?

Welcome to the website of the Somerville Road Runners, Somerville Massachusetts' oldest running club. Bordering Boston and Cambridge, we're a motley crew that works hard, but doesn't let that get in the way of having a good time. SRR is a charitable, non-profit organization that sponsors many events a year including weekly runs, track workouts, annual races and even competitive but delicious cook-offs! Our club welcomes new members of all abilities. Read on to find out what we've been up to lately.

SRR Newsletter - The Conqueror

Read about the latest happenings around SRR.


Somerville Road Runners is a non-profit athletic and social organization committed to promoting the sport of running as a healthy activity in our community— – regardless of age, ability or background. We aim to provide a healthy, spirited, and social environment for all members to enjoy the lifetime benefits of athletic achievement. We carry out our mission through an annual agenda of competitive running events, charitable volunteer opportunities, training runs, community involvement, and social gatherings in the greater Somerville area.

Weekly Runs

Need some running motivation during the week?  We have you covered.  Somerville Road Runners offer several organized runs throughout the week.  Mondays we run out of the Burren in East Somerville, Tuesday's we have track @ Tufts, and Thursday we run out of Casey's in East Somerville.


SRR hosts a free weekly 5K Fun Run on Monday nights at 6:45 PM at the Burren Pub and Restaurant (247 Elm Street) in Davis Sq, Somerville. No need to sign up in advance - just show up by 6:45 PM and sign in when you arrive.

We gather inside the Burren, either in the back room or the basement. If we're in the basement, you should see a sign near the bar telling us that we're meeting downstairs. Either way, you can leave your things in the Burren during the run, though be thoughtful about bringing valuables. We've never had anything go missing, but nobody is watching our things while we're out on our run. More details…



SRR and Mighty Squirrel have partnered to bring a free fun run open to anyone and everyone west of the city. You don’t need to be a club member to participate. Just show up at by 6:30pm at Mighty Squirrel’s new brewery and taproom in Waltham (411 Waverley Oaks Rd, Waltham, MA). The run begins at 6:45pm.

Everyone will gather inside the taproom. They will provide a safe place to leave your bags and gear during the run. The course route will alternate over time, but will always be between 3 and 4 miles. All runners get a free amazing soft pretzel with dipping sauce after the run, and of course you get to enjoy their great beer (at regular price, of course). More details…


Every Thursday evening - We Leave Casey's Bar on 171 Broadway, Somerville @ 7:08 PM to head to the start. Race starts at 7:15PM

Speed + Winter Hill = Roadkill

Storm Through Somerville
It may be snowing. It may be raining. The blood of a Communist revolution may be flowing through the streets. The SRR Thursday Night Run will happen every week at 7:15 PM, no matter what! Wanna run it? Great! It's FREE! You can check out the official course route as well as the artist's rendition of the course and find a map of and directions to Casey's. Come back to this page to view the results from each week's run. And if you're not sure what your new target time should be, check out this 4.06 mile pace chart. More details…


SRR Track Sessions are now outdoors at Tufts Ellis Oval.

All Groups: The “Deek” Workout

This workout is one continuous run on the track. Think of it as a 5k Pace session. You alternate the pace between your 5k race pace (for a full lap) and “float” pace (for half a lap).

”Float” pace is the pace of your normal, easy training runs. Not a warmup jog pace. Normal training run pace. But it should certainly feel like recovery compared to 5k race pace.

The total distance you will run is based upon your weekly mileage If you are running less than 45 miles per week, do 4800 meters continuous. This will add up to 8 sets of 400 hard, 200 easy. If you are running more than 45 miles per week, run 6000 meters. That will be 10 sets.

Lone Gull 10K, 2014
Photo Credit: Tom Cole