SRR Kids is a FREE community-based non-competitive youth running program for kids. The emphasis of this program is on participation, developing a healthy lifestyle, and having FUN! SRR Kids will meet weekly over the course of nine weeks. During practices SRR Kids will warm up through cooperative games and team-building activities and then walk, run, or jog for progressively longer times each week. SRR coaches and mentors will track progress to share and celebrate successes along the way.

The 12th season of SRR Kids is now open for registration. As always, registration is first-come first-served, with a limit of 50 participants. The season will begin Wednesday, September 18th (weather permitting).

Practices will again take place at Ellis Oval on the Tufts Campus from 6:15pm to 7:15pm each Wednesday.

Who can participate?

Any child that lives in the City of Somerville, or is the child of a parent who is a member of the Somerville Road Runners (SRR).

What ages are eligible?

Kindergarten through 5th grade. If your child participated with us last year, and is in 6th grade or older, we are making exceptions and letting those children register and participate again. 

What is the program cost?

FREE!  Paid for by a Road Runners Club of America grant and the Somerville Road Runners.

When does it start?

Start date: September 18th
Program is Wednesdays at 6:15pm to 7:15pm
Race: TBD

Where will the kids meet?

Tufts University track (Ellis Oval), 18 Lower Campus Road, Somerville MA  (Google Maps)

How do we sign up?

Online registration is now open. 

Will my child participate in any race events?

Your child will be participating in the Team Chase 7th Annual 5k on Sunday, November 10th. Admission for your child is free. We will pair every child with a member of SRR to pace them. Or, we also encourage parents to pace your own child for the race. However, we will not be covering entry fee's for parents. More information about this (include race registration details) as the season progresses.

Do parents stay or drop-off only?

Parents must stay during practice. This is NOT a drop-off program. Our volunteer coaches simply don’t have the ability to have eyes on all the kids at all times. Please stick around and watch practice, or even bring your running sneakers and participate with us!

What does my child need for clothing?

We will be running in early spring weather, which can be unpredictable! We do have some clothing for donation, please let us know if you are interested in obtaining some items. Please be aware of the weather and dress your child accordingly. Your child will most likely be hot during practice. But after practice you'll want to wrap them up, as their body temperatures will drop pretty quickly once they stop running. Recommended items for your child: 

  • running sneakers

  • athletic socks

  • long athletic pants / spandex or shorts

  • long or short sleeve tech / wicking shirt

  • jacket in case of wind or rain

  • hat and gloves in case of cold weather


Is any gear provided?

Your child will be given a water bottle. Please bring the water bottle to every practice to encourage and practice HYDRATING! Also, we will provide a short sleeve t-shirt to children who have attended at least half of the practices. We encourage them to wear it at practice and especially on the day of the race.

What happens when the weather's bad?

If there's inclement weather, we will send an email by 4pm the day of, notifying whether practice is cancelled or not. If you do not hear from SRR by 4pm, then practice is ON! However, we are New England runners, and we are a tough breed. We have been known to hold practice in 40 degrees and raining, and the kids have had fun. So do not expect practice to be canceled. 

Have the coaches had background checks?

All the coaches and volunteers have full background checks completed. 

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